holiday snaps

here are some holiday snaps of me. i’ve never been on holiday so i just like to pretend instead.

this could be me boating

i didn’t do it!!

here’s me with the giant iron giraffe…

oh no i’ve got lost on safari and now i’m surrounded by zebras!! 🙂

i'm not coming here again!!

i’m not coming here again!!

it's good i've come prepared...

it’s good i’ve come prepared…

i’ll have even more soon!


One thought on “holiday snaps

  1. jenny in.

    giraffe, i’m a little concerned that we haven’t heard from you since you visited the volcano. although i’m sure you took adequate protection, i’d be grateful for an update on your latest adventures and the certainty that you’re well.

    with hopes to hear from you soon and sending greetings from a galoise,

    jenny out.

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