‘giraffe studies, leg warmers, tree hiding’

giraffe in!

there are only three subjects a giraffe can study. giraffe studies, other wildlife studies, and psychology, though most giraffes think the last one is a soft option. saying that, not all giraffes go on to study, and i’m one of those. i’ve been told that i don’t have the brains to study those subjects. if someone told me how to get the brains i would get them, but i find that not every one is kind.

i have been worried recently because i seem to be separated from everyone, they have been treating me different and I don’t know why. i will write an example, there’s other giraffes that have been walking around with socks which cover their whole legs. one day i walked past a group of three giraffes which all had these on, so i asked what they were and they said ‘leg warmers’, and then they laughed at me because i didn’t have any on. so then i thought i’d show them so i swapped a flower book i found a while ago for three of these many-coloured socks from an old lady giraffe who made them. so i put them on and then i looked like i had rainbows on my legs. but when i was going back to see if i could find those giraffes who laughed at me, i must have fallen over from how hot they were on my legs because when i woke up there was a really big, tall giraffe looking at me with two zebras next to him. and then the big giraffe said ‘we have come, it’s time to take you away’.

that’s when i ran away. they chased me, but i outran the zebras because zebras are slow and lazy like wildebeest. i must have been running for lots of minutes when i got tired and rested by a tall tree, and then the big giraffe came up to the tree as well, but he couldn’t get to me because i was on the other side of the tree. so he said ‘come with me, you must have had the letters’ and started to walk around the tree to where i was, but i was clever and made sure wherever he was that i was exactly the other side of the tree. time went and the zebras were coming closer from the distance but then the big giraffe got distracted saying something to them, so i ran away again back home.

and that’s where i find myself now, writing this before they find me again, because it might be my last, i don’t know…

giraffe out!


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